Thursday, May 23, 2013

32-43 "Do you mind if I clean my plate?" " Only if you don't care that I clean mine."

32. To quote Josh Weed "I don't care what anybody says. Fruit is not a 'delicious dessert.'"  

33. You decide to walk to Popeye' the middle of a blizzard... a legitimate declared state of emergency. 

34.   When your roommates decline taking home their leftovers, you take theirs home for yourself.

35.  You deliberately drive half an hour a way to the city of Peabody to consume food from Sonic.

36. Reuniting with Sonic is indeed cause for celebration. So you order a burger... some tots...some popcorn chicken...and a shake... 

37.   Peanut butter bacon shakes are actually kind of good?

38. Hmmm, should I order some food to go? Half an hour is quite a ways a way...

39 .After leaving Sonic you decide it's a good idea to pop on over to Wendy's.

40.  At Wendy's someone orders fries, so you might as well help them finish them...

41. You're pretty sure your lactose and intolerant. You've lost milk forever but are currently in the middle of negotiations concerning cheese and ice cream.

42. Please don't ask me to split a meal at a restaurant. I may say yes, but I won't be happy about it.

43. Two lobsters rolls in four hours...they were that good.


  1. Oh Paulina. This is wonderful. I just wish that most of those didn't happen in one life. Your poor arteries.