Tuesday, July 10, 2012

17-24 "It's not a bad thing, it's like a state of mind"

17. You insist on eating the questionable leftovers because, well it's just a waste to throw it away.

18.You freak out when driving because you smelled fried chicken.

19.You hang food coupons up not only on the fridge, but on the walls of your room.

20. Dinner at midnight or later is ALWAYS acceptable.

21. Sometimes you get so excited about eating deli cheese, you forget to remove the paper backing.

22.Bacon is one of your interests on Facebook.

23. Sushi, Bacon, Food, and Eating are all  interests on your Facebook.

24. You recently told someone that being a fatty was a state of mind, comparable to a lifestyle choice.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

9-16 shout out to the fellow fatties who contributed to this post.

9. Your roommate has to wipe her hands on her pants after giving you a high five because you gave her food crumbs.

10. Instead of daydreaming about your new life in the city, you daydream about eating at all of the restaurants.

11. When you're on a date and you reach into your purse to find your keys and find a donut instead.

12. Marinade packets can be found in your handbag.

13. When people ask you what your favorite part of a trip was, your answer is always "the food".

14. You carry a jar of Nutella on the go.

15. You just recently learned that frying Spam in butter is somehow unacceptable.

16. You find food crumbs in your garment bottoms.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fatty Defined # 1-8

Fatty: Anyone of any size who enjoys food, and eating large quantities of food way too much.

1. When flipping through your pictures on your Ipad, you find more than not, you're looking at pictures of food.

2. When craving cheese, you order Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheese Lover's pizza, extra cheese.

3. While getting ready for bed you find food crumbs wedged between your skin and bra.

4. When cooking fries, you find nothing but crumbs left on the plate before you've even turned the stove off.

5. The fact that you even cook fries.

6. When you're phone has disappeared, you remember that you abandoned it in the pantry cupboard when you sighted a bag of chips.

7. You can't not finish your food, or else you feel like you let it win.

8. You walk into your kitchen half dressed in the wee hours of the night, because the thought of a chocolate cookie seemed far more important than putting on pants.