Sunday, May 20, 2012

9-16 shout out to the fellow fatties who contributed to this post.

9. Your roommate has to wipe her hands on her pants after giving you a high five because you gave her food crumbs.

10. Instead of daydreaming about your new life in the city, you daydream about eating at all of the restaurants.

11. When you're on a date and you reach into your purse to find your keys and find a donut instead.

12. Marinade packets can be found in your handbag.

13. When people ask you what your favorite part of a trip was, your answer is always "the food".

14. You carry a jar of Nutella on the go.

15. You just recently learned that frying Spam in butter is somehow unacceptable.

16. You find food crumbs in your garment bottoms.

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